• 'Big Nothing'

    Coming Soon!
    I have been very busy since moving home to Chicago. I was lucky to find an apartment with a huge attic to fill with my studio.... and plenty of time, too (blessing in disguise)....so began my residency.
    There is more recent work than I can count or photograph; and I am waiting to have it photographed professionally for the site. So, please check back, the new collection 'Big Nothing' will be up soon.

  • I'm Scared Because There's Only One of You

    Work by James Bradley and Lauren Cohen at SoCha Cafe.

    Opening: 7PM Thursday July 10th
    at the intersection of Valencia and Mission, next to The Knock Out and down from Queen's Nails Annex.

    Lauren Cohen's work investigates the absurdity of everyday life,
    specifically people's relationships toward each other, their
    environment, marketed desires and the conflicts that result from them
    all. She uses the language of painting and drawing to produce
    Bosch-esque landscapes populated by numb automatons who crowd a naive
    candy-coated utopia. Cohen is interested in people's want for power
    and triumph but is also fascinated with the usual struggle or failure
    that coincides. The artist naively fantasizes about future success or
    recognition by painting herself riding horses or taking dips in hot
    tubs with famous figures in the contemporary art world. She uses
    popular reality television shows like "Flavor of Love" and "I Love New
    York" on MTV for source material, ultimately creating her own episodes
    and narratives.